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During the recording session

There are plug-ins for studio software that allow metadata about the recording sessions to be entered in real time. It is then possible to export this information at each stage, whether during the mixing or the mastering, and to share them with the maker (owner) and record label.

The symbol * indicates a mandatory field.

Metadata for the Label Copy during Mastering

By product for the Label Copy

The product exists as soon as it is marketed and can be either a single, an EP or an album.

The record label must be consistent with the use of its trademark (label/sub-label), that is, the same name must always be used, particularily the one used to market the sound recording. For example, Les Disques Musique inc. or Disques Musique.

Specific Metadata

These are metadata specific to a recipient and are not defined by MetaMusic.

  • Product—Catalog number (S)

Creating an ISRC

What for?

The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) is a unique identifier for sound recordings (tracks).

Any new sound recording (track) must have a unique ISRC. The ISRC of a sound recording must never be modified.

When a track is modified, whether it be a remix, a re-recording, a modification to its duration, etc., a new ISRC must be assigned.

How can I get it?

The first owner creates it using their Registrant Code that can be requested from Soproq.

Using their Registrant Code, each first owner creates their own 12-digit ISRC codes, for example, CA-Y01-19-00001 which corresponds to country (CA)—registant code (Y01)—year of release (19)—and five digits (00001).

Each owner is responsible for keeping a list of all their ISRCs and supply them when needed.

This identifier must be encoded on the recording medium during the mastering and supplied when delivered to digital platforms. It is a mandatory prerequisite for the exploitation of each track.



Any product (single, EP, album) must have a UPC to be marketed.

The best practice is to get a single UPC for both your physical and digital product.

How can I get it?

You can make a resquest through your physical or digital distributor.

If you do not have a distributor, you will need to make a request to GS1.


The UPC code (Universal Product Code) is a series of digits commonly associated to a bar code. It is used to identify a product. The only tracks that receive a different UPC than that of the album are tracks that are released as singles.

What is it for? It serves as a unique identifier for every product on the market. It allows you to aggregate all sales of your products, whether physical or digital.