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Registering the work with SOCAN

The work comprises the lyrics, the music and the initial publishing.

Who has to do it: the publisher or the author of the work when said work is unpublished.

You can register the work with SOCAN online.

Specific Metadata

These are metadata specific to a recipient but that are not defined by MetaMusic.

For example, SOCAN could request complementary information such as:

  • Duration (an estimate of the work’s duration) (S)
  • The type of work (original or adaptation) (S)
  • Distribution keys between each role (S)
  • Address and other contact information for each rights holder (S)
  • Contractual links between each rights holder and their publisher (S)
  • Linked American society (ASCAP/BMI) (S)

Obtaining an ISWC


All written and composed works must have an ISWC code.

How can I obtain it?

Any new work registered with SOCAN will be assigned an ISWC code. Given the attribution delays, it is recommended to request it as soon as the work is created. The code can be found in your online account and transmitted to your digital distributor.

What Is It?

The International Standard Work Code (ISWC) is the unique identifier of your work.

The ISWC begins with the letter “T” followed by a unique nine-digit number (from 000000001 to 999999999) and a final control number (For example T-345246800-1).

Registering the lyrics with Evangeline

Who has to do it:The work’s publisher or its creator if they are also self-published.

What is Evangeline?

Evangeline is a song lyrics database developed by APEM. It contains song lyrics as well as the authorizations of the rights holders to use make those lyrics available for their use in Québec’s schools as well as online by services such as Google, Google Play Music, Deezer, Shazam, MetroLyrics and many more sites and applications such as, which is exploited by APEM.

Where Do I Register the Lyrics?